About Us

The Council is a product of its history, its mission, its members and its leadership.  It is a growing, organic association, calling together some of the most dynamic and forward-thinking community leaders.  Our members are challenged daily to meet the needs of their agencies' constituents with fewer and fewer resources.

Our members include a wide spectrum of nonprofits, from the very large to the very small. Collectively our members, through their annual operating budgets, invest nearly 1 billion dollars in the Greater Rochester area, and employ more than 20,000 individuals.  The services they provide help more than 1,000,000 people each year.  (Note: This number includes duplications since beneficiaries may be served by more than one agency and we have no means to unduplicate agency reports.)

Our members are also resources in themselves.  They are experts in their respective disciplines, and make productive, contributing partners in community planning efforts.  The Council provides an access route for planners who are seeking the kind of experience and expertise our members have.  

For more information, contact Melinda Goldberg, Council Director at Melinda@agencyexecutives.com or call 585-301-8383.

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